Software to Recover Deleted Pictures

Recovering Deleted Images

No matter how careful I am, pics I just shot disappear from time to time. Sometimes it’s the hardware, but more often than not it’s my own fault. “Pushed the wrong button” and puff! All gone.

So I started looking for software to recover those lost digital pictures. Naturally, I started with free stuff, like I always do when I need software to do a single simple thing… only to find out what’s available either crap or anything but free. There are no good free tools to recover digital pictures, whatsoever. And I tried three or four, the rest being so look-a-like that their authors didn’t even bother to change their button layout.

From my full-time job, I know a guy who makes lots of data recovery products… so I asked him for a free license for a tool designed to un-scrap those lost images. And he got me one. In return, I promised him to write about his product – if I like it, that is.

I ended up liking the product, so here’s the name: D-Photo Recovery by The Undelete Company.

The tool performs exactly as advertised: it scans a memory card, reading its entire content and finding every little bit even if I formatted the card (none of the free tools were able to find a single picture after a format). On a 8 Gb Sandisk full of images it takes 15-20 minutes to recover everything. That’s not really that much longer than it takes to just move the files from that particular card to the computer.

So here you go: if you want a tool to recover deleted pictures from a memory card (formatted, corrupted etc.), give a try to D-Photo Recovery. It didn’t cost me anything, but you’ll pay $49.95 for a license. IMO, it’s worth it.

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